Shelter & Food

Shelter & food is something that most people may take for granted. But there are some among us who do not have a roof over our heads or food to eat due to poverty, financial circumstances or who have homes suddenly destroyed by disasters or domestic violence. Giving a home & a meal is crucial to regaining a sense of security and offers the homeless & vunerable a second chance to rebuild their lives.


Project managed by: Gawad Kalinga

Help end hunger by feeding a child in the Philippines. Involuntary hunger is a huge problem that has plagued around 2 million poor Filipino families for the past twenty years and resulted in 25% of children under 10 being underweight and up to 30% being stunted. The aim is to build a scalable program where thousands of nutritious meals providing 1400-1500 calories per day are prepared from central kitchens and then brought to the at risk children in public schools, communities, on the streets, and in disaster and conflict areas.