How We Select The Charitable Causes & Projects

We’ve partnered with B1G1 to enable us to make a positive, life-changing impact around the globe. Below is the selection criteria & process we and B1G1 use to choose the charitable causes and projects we contribute a portion of our proceeds to.

B1G1 Worthy Cause Program*

*Information provided by B1G1


We welcome high impact charity organizations all around the world to join the B1G1 Worthy Cause Program. We understand the importance of continuous funding for organizations like yours to deliver programs that are truly impactful and we are passionate about supporting your work with the help of the B1G1 Business Members.

To ensure the most efficient giving, B1G1 only works with approved charities/NGOs that meet our unique criteria listed below. We strive to be as transparent as possible in our operations and will keep you informed throughout the entire application process. If you have any questions regarding the criteria or your (possible) application, then please reach out to giving@b1g1.org. Please also view our terms for more information.


The B1G1 Giving Board expects that each Worthy Cause applicant will meet all or virtually all of the following requirements:

  • Has registered charity status in at least one country (verified by current paperwork)
  • Registered and operating at least three years, with a preference for organizations that are at least five years old
  • Is authorised to receive international funding
  • Has minimum annual income in donations and grants of USD $100,000.
  • Can supply audited accounts for the previous two fiscal years
  • Can supply latest annual report
  • Can supply future audited accounts and annual report within 10 months of the end of year financial year
  • Is operating efficiently to deliver the benefits and services they provide*
  • Is supporting a sizeable number of beneficiaries in the last year †
  • Has activities that are tangible for B1G1 Business Members, with clear cost data available so projects can be broken down into small units
    (e.g.  “We provide a family in Malawi with clean water for a year for $25” or “We plant 1 tree for $3.50”)
  • Activities are not associated with the purpose of spreading a specific religion (B1G1 works with organizations of all backgrounds in an inclusive manner. However, we do not support the promotion of a specific religion as a Worthy Cause project)
  • Has activities which are sustainable in the long-term. ¶
  • Has a website with up-to-date information
  • Can communicate efficiently in English and responds within fewer than 7 working days between communication

* In most cases, we expect the administrative costs to be below 20%. However, we examine this factor on a case-by-case basis, in light of your size and type of services you provide, and make an independent judgment about the level of support that goes to program delivery as we understand that these expenses can vary greatly among organizations.

† In all cases, we expect the number of beneficiaries to be above 100. This expected number of beneficiaries scales accordingly with your organization’s size. We examine this factor on a case-by-case basis, in light of your size and type of services you provide, and make an independent judgment about the number of beneficiaries you serve.

¶ Every activity will be considered holistically on a case-by-case basis. Some elements we look out for include whether the proposed projects: (i) have been running for at least 3 years; (ii) have minimum annual project budgets of US$50,000; or in the case where (ii) is not met; (iii) are able to be expanded accordingly should the funds contributed exceed the declared annual budget; and (iv) are expected to run for at least another two years.


In addition to the Level 1 criteria, the Board will tend to favour (though they are not necessary) a Worthy Cause applicant that meets one or more of the following additional criteria:

  • Operates in a country with few active B1G1 Worthy Causes (see here)
  • Has or can obtain tax relief status in countries where B1G1 Business Members are located (e.g. Australia, UK, USA)
  • Has active information distribution (such as newsletters, videos, great website, blogs)
  • Is able and willing to provide additional resources to B1G1 and B1G1 Business Members (pictures, stories, acknowledgment, etc.)
  • Is willing to help facilitate potential visits from B1G1 and B1G1 Business Members
  • Has the endorsement of one or more B1G1 Business Members

Connected Coffee Selection Criteria

We select charitable projects & causes based on the following criteria