Projects & Causes

We’ve partnered with B1G1 to enable us to make a positive, life-changing impact around the globe. Below is a list of the charitable causes and projects that we contribute a portion of our proceeds to.

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Ending injustice is a massive task – it requires institutional reform around the world – but that does not mean we are powerless. We all can contribute something, whether it is being the voice for others or supporting rescue and rehabilitation efforts for those in unjust situations. Together, we can raise greater awareness of deep-seated human rights issues and create change.


Education is the key to a brighter future, yet 39% of people living in poverty worldwide have no formal education at all. By providing access to education, we’re not only empowering each individual; we’re empowering communities and countries to break out of the poverty cycle.


Having the ability to earn your own living, to be independent and to support your family can go a long way for every person, community, and country. Encouraging job creation and entrepreneurship is key to economic growth, higher productivity and innovation, and greater societal stability.


Mahatma Gandhi called health the real wealth of a person – wealth that enables you to learn, to grow and to chase your dreams. And this could range from having access to clean water, healthcare and sanitation to having the mental resilience to recover from trauma, forge new relationships and start a new life.


Shelter & food is something that most people may take for granted. But there are some among us who do not have a roof over our heads or food to eat due to poverty, financial circumstances or who have homes suddenly destroyed by disasters or domestic violence. Giving a home & a meal is crucial to regaining a sense of security and offers the homeless & vunerable a second chance to rebuild their lives.